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Infinite Motion has created and animated hundreds of characters to enhance our clients' message and to excite their audience. Let us know if we can help you!

Sponge Bob
Oscar the Grouch
Geoffrey the Giraffe
History Hero
Intel Meltdown
Hoofy and Boo
Hack and Slash
Pillsbury Doughboy
Petey the Parrot
Neighthan the Horse
Kemps Cow
DB Credit
Western Union, Masha
Target Dog
Pfizer Characters
Canon Digic
Terex Cranes
CGI Eagle
Synopsis Codey
Sorting Hat
Porter the Passport

Featured Projects

Demo Reel

Sports Animations

History Hero


JVC and Best Buy

Best Buy Reel


University of Minnesota

PW Power Systems


Intel: Hack and Slash

Otherworld RPG

Marriott Rewards

Luther Advantage

Our Services

We excite your audience with Award Winning Animation, Motion Graphics,
Graphic Design, User Interface Design, and Web Development.

Motion Graphics

We will make your next project stand out with captivating Motion Graphics.

3D Animation

We specialize in character animation, logos, technical illustration, and
visual storytelling.


We design Web Sites and
Online Training Programs.

Book and Magazine Layout

Are you looking to publish a book?
We can help you with
layout and illustration.

Kickstarter or App Graphics

We'll bring a professional look
to your next campaign.

Other Services

We also do file format conversion,
PC repair, motion capture, and
HD video with green screen.

Our Clients

We help great companies with great design, graphics, animation, and e-learning.

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Why You Should Hire Infinite Motion

On Time

On Budget

All Data Backed Up

Full Adobe and Autodesk Suites

Get your job done right, on time, and enjoy the work.